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Animal Dissection Kits

Enjoy the quality dissection kit supplies manufactured by DR Instruments are for school and college students & teachers. These animal dissection kits are great learning and exploring tools.

DR Instruments also makes custom design dissection kit items to meet with specific needs of schools and colleges. All dissection kits or dissecting kits contain fine quality instruments in vinyl zippered or non-zippered cases.

Dissecting kits or dissection kits are used to dissect frogs, fetal pigs, and many other preserved animals. Dissecting kits contains all necessary tools/instruments to perform complete dissection. If you think you need more tools you can order from our large collection of dissecting tools along with a dissecting kit(s) that is more suitable to your needs. You can view some dissections online by clicking on the following link:

Selection of a dissection kit for your lab.
A dissection lab will require use of dissecting kits. DR Instruments offers range of dissecting kits that are tailored to meet specific lab requirements. These dissecting kits will generally be geared towards either plant or animal dissection.

Each academic level requires different dissection kit. Smaller dissecting kits (Beginner’s dissection kit, Basic dissection kit & budget dissection kit) will be for elementary age, which will focus on small specimens such as flowers or earthworms.
Larger, more advanced dissecting kits will be for dissecting frog, fetal pigs, and larger preserved animals.

If you need further assistance please feel free to give us a call tool free: 888.599.3442 or send us an email: sales@drinstruments.com. We will be happy to assist you !

DR Instruments offers great discounts of up to 25% to students when they purchase in groups and to teachers when they purchase for whole class.

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  1. Dissection Kit Standard - 60
    Special Price $6.56 Regular Price $8.50
  2. Budget Dissection Kit - 61
    Special Price $6.80 Regular Price $8.50
  3. Dissection Kit - Intermediate I - 62
    Special Price $7.95 Regular Price $9.99
  4. Dissection Kit - Advanced - 63
    Special Price $12.99 Regular Price $13.78
  5. Student Dissection Kit - 65
    Special Price $6.95 Regular Price $8.25
  6. Beginners Dissection Kit - 66N
    Special Price $5.25 Regular Price $6.50
  7. Anatomy Dissection Kit - 67
    Special Price $17.95 Regular Price $19.99
  8. Anatomy Dissection Kit II - 68
    Special Price $16.95 Regular Price $18.99
  9. Teachers Dissection Kit - 74
    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $16.99
  10. Biology Dissection Kit - 77
    Special Price $8.99 Regular Price $10.99
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